We are H.I. Giørtz

H.I. Giørtz delivers a complete range of products to the grocery and catering/restaurant market. Our place of business is in Eidsneset in Sula municipality, just outside Ålesund. The company is currently divided into the business areas wholesale, retail trade and real estate. We have specialised in goods and distribution since 1891, with the aim of making your enterprise more competitive.

Our areas of business


Our wholesale business is the market’s most customer-oriented and efficient logistics partner. We offer our customers a range of about 45,000 different products. Our warehouse spans approximately 18,000 square metres and is divided into dry goods storage and temperate zones for fruit, and refrigerated and frozen products. Around 125 skilled employees deliver over 200,000 orders to our customers on a weekly basis, mainly in the Sunnmøre and Nordfjord areas. Our company is part-owned by ASKO NORGE AS, which is Norgesgruppen’s wholesale enterprise. We ensure that the goods reach our customers at the right time and place, so that your customers have a wealth of choice for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Retail trade

H.I. Giørtz has ownership interests in a number of grocery shops in the region. This provides the company with important information about the entire value chain, to the benefit of all our customers.

Real estate

We manage about 200,000 square metres of real estate and actively develop the property, generally for retail purposes. The company is also involved in other projects of importance to positive regional development.

Contacts Wholesale

Kjetil Langvatn

Marketing director GroceryTlf: 915 42 685

Svein Aarseth

Marketing director ServingTlf: 913 85 778

Ivar Haugen

Logistics CoordinatorTlf: 913 05 433

Anders Sunde

Customer serviceTlf: 701 98 100

Camilla Rabben Midtgård

Customer serviceTlf: 701 98 100

Andre Sunde

Customer serviceTlf: 701 98 100

Jan-Erik Bårdsgjære

Marketing Consultant ServingTlf: 907 63 567

Magnus Hegle

Webshop responsibleTlf: 481 51 008

Contacts real estate

Albert Aarøe

Real estateTlf: 958 77 987

Marianne Giørtz

Real estateTlf: 905 53 506

Map & address

H.I. Giørtz Sønner AS
Sjukenesstranda 100
6037 Eidsnes
Switchboard: +47 70 19 81 00
General e-mail: hig.sentral@asko.no
NO 936 710 379 MVA